Child Maintenance Service 2012 Scheme

Latest data for Great Britain up to March 2017 by DWP

What is the Child Maintenance 2012 Scheme?
The Child Maintenance 2012 Scheme was introduced alongside the government’s reform of the child maintenance system to support separated parents to work together and set up their own family-based arrangements. The scheme was set up to support families who are unable to make arrangements themselves.

The 2012 Scheme has replaced the 1993 and 2003 Schemes administered by the Child Support Agency (CSA), and historic cases are in the process of being closed. Comparisons should not be made to previous schemes because of the different objectives of the 2012 Scheme.
About these statistics
The interactive visualisation on the ’Dashboard’ tab allows you to explore statistics related to the Child Maintenance 2012 Scheme at a national (Great Britain) or regional level. It provides information about case groups, payment arrangements and compliance on the 2012 Scheme. Data for the visualisation is drawn from our published Data Tables. The volumes are based on the number of paying parents who have an ongoing maintenance liability.

Please note that this visualisation is a new, prototype tool on the Child Maintenance Service Experimental statistics and may be removed or modified at any time. If you have any comments or suggestions for improving this page, please let us know. Note that this page may not be fully accessible or work in older browsers.

These statistics have been developed in accordance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. The data provided covers the period June 2016 to March 2017.